Tab Insertion Machine


This machine inserts and mounts KYOSHIN strip Tab Terminals onto a printed circuit board. After the board has been properly positioned, the strip tab terminals are severed piece by piece with a foot switch, inserted onto, and clinched at the back of the board. This manually operated equipment is good for small volume production.

22-Jan-2018 update(21.4MB)


  1. A single axis cam mechanism is provided for smoother, and more reliable feeding, severing ,and inserting of the strip tab terminals.
  2. The applicator to be adaptable tab terminals is a unitized for easier changes of any tab terminals used.
  3. Locating light is provided for easier positioning of the printed circuit board at an accurate insertion point.

List of Tab Terminals, as of Oct.2004

Series Part Number
“110”(2.8mm) 22019ST
“187”(4.8mm) 42018ST, 42082ST
“250”(6.3mm) 82214ST


Applicable Tab Terminal Shown in a separate table
Acceptable PC Board 1.6 single-sided PC Board
Inserting cycle time About 0.5 seconds
Fixing method Forced insertion or clinching
Equipment size 390W X 715D X 605H
Controller size 180W X 310D X 210H
Weight 200kg
Positioning Guide pin and locating light
Inserting action Foot switch
Power supply & consumption AC100V, 50/60Hz 0.65kVA