Tab Terminals

Introduction of KYOSHIN Tab Terminals

 RHYTHM KYOSHIN CO.,LTD. has, since its foundation, consistently developed and produced male-type terminals that are completely adaptable to Faston receptacles.
Extensively used over a wide variety of fields ranging from household electric appliances to industrial equipment, KYOSHIN Tab Terminals have been greatly evaluated due to their accurate quality and reliability.

* Faston is a registered trade mark of Tyco Electronics AMP K.K.

22-Jan-2018 update(21.4MB)

Relations with JIS

In 1982, tab terminals were designated as male tabs under a classification of “Flat Quick-connect Terminals” in JIS C2809. KYOSHIN Tab Terminals satisfy this JIS, and are, therefore, adaptable to receptacles of any make.
While JIS indicates the series of products in 2.8 mm, 4.8 mm, and 6.3 mm, KYOSHIN has adopted its own way of designation because the company produced and sold the products prior to this JIS stipulation.
The relationship between KYOSHIN and JIS is shown in a drawing below.


KYOSHIN Tab Terminals are available in various designs, and materials, so that may be fittingly mounted onto printed circuit boards and molded insulations, and used as input/output terminals.


KYOSHIN standard Tab Terminals are made of a selected brass strip of C2680R-1/2H that meets JIS H3100. Since they are produced under a strict quality control system, they are electrically and mechanically superb in their adaptability to receptacles. The products are also available in phosphor bronze, stainless steel, iron etc.
Tin-plating is a standard finish, but the plating in nickel, gold, and silver, or tin/lead, too, is possible.


In accordance with the receptacles applied, KYOSHIN Tab Terminals are classified into four series: “110”, “187”, “205”, and “250”. The terminals have nine basic shapes, such as flat shape, L-shape, U-shape, and others, with sizes, materials, etc., subdivided further.
Products other than those listed this catalog are available.
Please contact us for information, whenever necessary.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Folded single strip Flat Single bend,L-shaped Double bend,wide U U-shaped Double bend crank-shaped With stopper lance Stacked shape no image
Folded single strip Flat Single bend,
Double bend,
wide U
U-shaped Double bend
With stopper
Stacked shape Mixture of Different Series
Drawing of
Tab Terminals
Series JIS W H1 H2 D t
Drawing of Tab Terminals 2 “110” 2.8mm 2.80 5.5 7.10 φ1.20 0.5
4 “187” 4.8mm 4.75 3.2 6.35 φ1.30 0.5
6 “205” 5.20 3.2 6.35 φ1.65 0.5,0.8
8 “250” 6.3mm 6.35 3.4 7.95 φ1.65 0.8
・Part Number Construction

Series Number Type Number Registered Number
4 2 0 1 6
“187” Series; Flat 3-digit number registered for each series and configuration Type

Tab terminals Adaptable to Positive Lock, etc.

Since, AMP-made Positive lock and similar female receptacles of other make are composed of cantilevers and the like, they can reduce their insertion force onto male tabs, and are, therefore, completely adaptable to KYOSHIN Tab Terminals. Accordingly, those KYOSHIN Tab Terminals to be adapted are configured differently as shown in a drawing to the under side. In addition, more space is needed surrounding such tab terminals.

Tab terminals Adaptable to Positive Lock, etc. Series W H
Tab terminals Adaptable to Positive Lock, etc. “187” 5.4 or over 1.9 or over
“250” 7.3 or over 2.2 or over

* All dimensions in millimeter.