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KYOSHIN VIETNAM CO., LTD.(KVC):EPE(Export Processing Enterprises)

Since our establishment in 1995, Kyoshin Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of metal stamping products for more than 20 years in Vietnam. The products made by our experienced Vietnamese staff are now widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, solar power generation, home appliances etc...and are exported to countries around the world, including Vietnam.

In addition to stamping products, we also design and manufacture stamping dies, insert molding parts and assembly parts. Moreover, we have our own plating line, which enables us to cover the entire process from stamping raw materials through plating on those surface and assembling into modules.
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Rhythm Kyoshin Hanoi Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 as a subsidiary
of Kyoshin Vietnam Co., Ltd.(KVC).

In the north part of Vietnam, since there are many motorcycle parts
makers resistered as IZ company, We operate as IZ company too. 
This helps our customer (resistered as IZ company) to minimize their
importing works or import tariffs.

In addition, established in Hanoi enables delivery date to shorten and
even if quolity matter happens, we can handle it promptly.

Our main products are used in automobiles and motorcycles though,
we also manufacture products for various kind of field for example
office appliance, fire equipment, musical instruments.
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