Direct Spot Welding Machine(DISM)

Direct Spot Welding Machine PAT.P

The DISM peels off magnetic wire coating and welds the wire in a single operation.
The DISM is an AC spot welding machine that has no need for pretreatment of the magnetic wire end.
The DISM is not in need of a separate process for peeling off coating, so increases work efficiency and contributes to improvement of the quality.
The DISM can also be built into an automatic wire-winding line as a welding unit.

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Model name Common Specifications KWA061B KWA080B
Power sources Welder section AC200V single phase
Control section AC100V
Welder section Rated capacity 3.2KVA
Normal air pressure 4~6kgf/c㎡
Maximum applied force 28kgf
Coolant flow rate 200ml/min
Depth dimension 105~110mm
Electrode stroke MAX 20mm
Controller section Constant current type or power supply compensation type controller using thyristor phase control.
Dimension & weight W740 H1260 D900 110kg
Air pressure detection
(for driving welding head)
Air pressure gauge
/visual confirmation
Digital Air pressure gauge
/signal output
Cooling water detection Blade rotation
/visual confirmation
Blade rotation
/signal output
(for electrode control)
4-digit counter 1
/singal output
4-digit counter
/signal output

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Welding flow

It takes about two seconds from applying pressure to welding completion.

Example of welding strength data (Unit:kg)

Terminal : Tin-plated phosphor bronze t=0.8
*Welding strength is depending on welding conditions,
wire diameter, and wire type; however, standard
horizontal tensile strength is 70% ~90% of strand strength.

Wire type Strand strength Horizontal tensile strength Ratio of welded
wire strength to strand strength
Minimum Maximum
PEWφ 0.2 0.749 0.621 0.735 82-98
AIW φ 0.2 0.868 0.649 0.865 74-99
PEW φ 0.3 2.009 1.597 1.957 79-97
AIW φ 0.3 2.075 1.750 2.050 84-98

Examples of combination of wire material,
wire type,wire diameter,
and object to which wire is welded.

Object to
which wire is welded
Tin-plated phosphor bronze
Tin-plated phosphor brass
Wire to be welded PEW EIW AIW
Wire diameter: φ0.03 ~ φ0.8mm

Examples of DISM application

Coil manufacturing


VA effect

Reduced peeling rate 0.2min.pcs –> 0min./pcs 0.43min./pcs –> 0min./pcs
Amount of effect 25yen/min.×0.2min./pcs=5yen/pcs 25yen/min.×0.43min./pcs=10.75yen/pcs
Annual amount of effect 50,000pcs/month×5yen/pcs12months

Welding examples

Welding to flat terminal
Welding to flat terminal
Welding of wound wire
Welding of wound wire

*Product specifications are subject to change. For details, please refer to the specifications.


The KWA372A is a twin-electrode spot welder that has high welding pressure and current. It is particularly well-suited for welding work using large-diameter wires.
As an option, a sensor unit for maintaining a constant fusing thickness is available.


Examples of use electrical equipment for automobiles, motors, generators, transformers,household electrical appliances.